With a Paysera IBAN account, you can transfer money quickly and easily in many different currencies across the world. Transfers in Europe (SEPA) are FREE OF CHARGE for private clients!
And there is even more we can offer.


IBAN account opened online, which is also free of charge for private clients and businesses registered in SEPA countries.


Unlimited and free instant transfers in euro, 24/7, all year round. International transfers around the globe at attractive prices.


Currency exchange in real time at favourable rates to 30 different currencies.


A contactless payment card for safe payments and a convenient mobile application with plenty of additional features.


Fast International Transfers

    • Euro transfers (SEPA) are free of charge and unlimited for all private clients in terms of both number and amount, and for business cost only 0,29 EUR.
    • Instant euro transfers (SEPA INSTANT) – in real-time, 24/7, all year round. Both incoming and outgoing. Free for private clients, for business – 0,29 EUR.
    • Transfers between Paysera users – within seconds by phone number or email address.

Favourable Currency Exchange Rates

    • Paysera's virtual account is multicurrency, which means that you can keep money in several currencies at once.
    • Equivalent or even better currency exchange rates than offered by commercial banks.
    • When exchanging large amounts, the system automatically applies a discount.

Contactless Payment Card

    • Two-factor authentication keeps your money safe when making online purchases.
    • You can cash out at all ATMs accepting Visa cards.
    • The card account is separated from the main account, which allows for simple control of your spending.
    • The card can be conveniently ordered and managed via the mobile app.

Convenient Mobile App

    • With the Paysera app all the main services – from transfers to currency exchange – at your fingertips. Better than just an online bank account!
    • Notifications about incoming transfers in real-time.
    • Manage your payment card: check the balance, transfer money, change limits, see a PIN code reminder, or even block the card, if needed
    • Additional features to make your life easier: a separate account for savings, the 'split bill' feature, money requests, payments with QR codes, and more.

Business Account and Payment Solutions

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